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Engineering Philosophy

We believe that Engineering is an approach that defines and interprets our customer needs and the functionality they desire early within the project. Our Engineering considers the complete project, problem and/or operation and views modern systems and installations holistically so they perform correctly.

IBSEC’s holistic engineering view ensures that aspects of selection and procurement, delivery, installation, support through operational phases, maintenance and eventual decommissioning and disposal are designed and incorporated at concept or replacement stages to reduce the life cycle costs for our clients

We use our engineering backgrounds, experience and commercial awareness with our design skills to ensure we get it right for you by working with authorities, end users, external designers and contractors. By engaging IBSEC, we deliver value for money, resilient and functional buildings with fewer variations leaving you with time and money to use elsewhere.

IBSEC review existing M&E services / infrastructure and conduct surveys prior to the undertaking of capital works to ensure that sustainable development is planned and inspect systems where a building is not functioning as expected by a client. IBSEC has experience working with many NHS Trusts to develop strategic vision to enable efficient site development.

IBSEC is committed to the protection of the environment and promotion of sustainable development. We endeavour to minimize the environmental impact of business activities and to positively influence those we work with to ensure that sustainable technologies are successfully and cost-effectively integrated into any project.

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Office 28, Greenbox, Westernhall road, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, B60 4AL